What Motivates Tomorrow's Great Entrepreneurs?

Abigail Tracy, inc.com

A new study reveals that young entre­pre­neurs are dri­ven by rule-breaking, think­ing out­side the box, and friend­ship.

Today’s young entre­pre­neurs are moti­vat­ed to start com­pa­nies because they hate author­i­ty and want to break a…

I probably could have told you this. There is certainly an argument to be made saying that given the circumstances of our youth, many “inexperienced” young adults may be better equipped to solve complex problems of this generation. However, the perspective of the older generations with work experience is also valuable, but I think that value is changing from what it used to be. We all need to come to the table saying, “what can we accomplish together” instead of looking at one another like subordinates or superiors. Food for thought.