I joined Deloitte Consulting shortly after graduating from the University of Maryland. My experience was anything but typical - in a good way.

Deloitte Analytics Labs (Analytics Visualization Studio)
Immediately after starting, I was extremely lucky to join a group that is now called Deloitte Analytics Labs. We worked with clients in a variety of different ways including, but not limited to, facilitating Design Thinking workshops and building/designing custom data visualization-centric applications. Despite designing a few applications while in school, this was my first practical exposure to product design and Design thinking in general.

Deloitte Consulting Innovation
In early 2013, I transitioned to a very new group inside Deloitte Consulting focused on product development. My team was responsible for identifying product opportunities, creating/pitching ideas, and building the products that were thought to have the most potential (and make sense for a company like Deloitte). We also engaged the rest of the firm to encourage more product thinking through workshops and hackathons. 

I worked on what would probably be considered a mashup of product management and design tasks for several different products (market research, road-mapping, initial go-to-market strategy, personas, journey maps, wireframes, and high fidelity mocks + specs). I've included some of my work from one product below.

Design Work

XperienceSales (part of XperienceSuite, design-driven mobile apps for the enterprise)

XperienceSales was designed to target two distinct field sales personas: the Farmer and the Hunter. The Farmer is responsible for certain accounts and working with them to increase sales. The Hunter is more focused on identifying and closing new opportunities.

The Farmer persona's day was primarily oriented around appointments. They would prep, conduct visits (which could include placing new orders, reviewing a catalog, etc.), and close out for the day. So, I designed a tablet-based experience to facilitate and dramatically streamline their existing workflow (think laptops and portable printers in trunks). We reviewed the designs with target users and subject matter experts periodically throughout the design process to make sure we were on the right track.

The Hunter persona's day is less focused on servicing existing customers and more focused on selling and performance. Their requirements are more closely aligned with many CRM products like Salesforce.