A work in progress ™   –   This is a selection of some of my design work. If you have any feedback, questions, or want to see more don't hesitate to reach out.

Mattermark collects and tracks information on companies and markets. Businesses of all kinds use our data and platform to drive growth and research/understand market trends. I was the only designer, and one of two on the product team.

At first we built Mattermark for VCs and other private market investors to help them find new investment opportunities, and track activity. More recently, we've started to shift some of our focus to a broader B2B sales/marketing use case where early customers are using our platform to discover leads, enrich CRM records, and better understand their customers. 

At a very high level, the process in each of these markets is similar, but the users and their perspectives are quite different. To address these nuances,  we introduced new tools that fit into existing workflows (eg. a chrome extension, mobile app, spreadsheet enrichment, and salesforce app) and a web app redesign that reduced perceived complexity and acted as a gateway to these other tools. 

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