Mattermark Web

Mattermark's web application was originally designed to help VCs and other private market investors effortlessly search, filter, sort, and export targeted lists of companies - with the goal of identifying new investment opportunities and tracking their portfolios.

The initial target user, a vc associate, is typically technically competent and prefers being able to see and digest large amounts of information at a time (evidenced by a lot of time spent in excel).

Before Mattermark, they would need to criss-cross the internet to both identity and collect data on companies they may want to invest in -- a HUGE time suck.

We simplified that process by making it super simple to apply a broad set of targeted search criteria and get a list of companies AND detailed information about each. This way they could spend more time doing analysis and actually meeting with entrepreneurs.

As we expanded our focus to other markets, like B2B sales and marketing, i helped design ways to create a user experience that was friendlier (less data dense and overwhelming) and more intuitive. It was around this time that we also began shipping new products and integrations to fit directly into our user's existing workflows. To try it for yourself, visit and signup.

Web Refresh 2.0

Read the blog post from when this project launched:

Below are some shots from my process and the outcomes..

Screenshot 2017-02-28 14.36.38.png
Screenshot 2017-02-28 14.35.53.png
Company Preview


A list of the web projects I worked on at Mattermark:

  • 2 Web redesigns:
    1.  Late 2014, VC-oriented and more professional feeling experience
    2.  Mid 2016, full scale refresh (IA, UX, Visual) with the goal of being friendlier, easier to get started, and with better tie-ins to our other products for our users. (this also included the introduction of a component library)
  • Account Settings Overhaul (originally including full-scope self-service flows)
  • Company Profile 
  • Personalized Feed
  • Custom Lists
  • New User Onboarding